Wednesday, December 16, 2015

X-Files cabinet remake progress!!!

Well I know it has been far to long but got the game on loan from a buddy and was able to get the ball rolling. Need to make master molds and then make a few test cabinets. Once I am 100% satisfied that it will last for a long long time we should be good to rock. The material I am using is made for impacts so there should be no problem. I also beefed up the cabinet on the inside like I did the ID4 alien head to help with breakage in the normal spots as well as shaved the cabinet door handles done a little so they will not break. I think we will have a winner for sure. I will make the mold tomorrow and a test cast this weekend. After that it really need to post cure for 7 days to get to the full strength. With any luck the beginning of the year these should be ready to start shipping
Here is a quick pic of my mock up next to an original cabinet.