Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roadshow Radio Paint job

Customer asked me to paint his red Roadshow radio. Looks a lot better, still waiting on the instal pic.

CSI speaker panel

Made a 1 off CSI speaker panel for my buddy Dave. I plan to make vinyl decals that look and fit the same. This one was stenciled and airbrushed and cleared. I can do this to other speaker panels but I get the feeling that other will probably want just the decal rather than the full paint job. But I can always do both. Coming soon to my website!

ID4 Alien remake

Been a long time since my last post and have a lot of projects that I have done since my last post so I am gonna start updating. The first project is a remake of the ID4 alien head. A good friend of mine has this game on location and the alien head kept breaking. I recasted it and thickened up the walls that are always breaking and gave it a closer paint job to that of the one on the back glass. In the pics you can see the original one that was all glued together and 3 new ones I made him.