Wednesday, December 16, 2015

X-Files cabinet remake progress!!!

Well I know it has been far to long but got the game on loan from a buddy and was able to get the ball rolling. Need to make master molds and then make a few test cabinets. Once I am 100% satisfied that it will last for a long long time we should be good to rock. The material I am using is made for impacts so there should be no problem. I also beefed up the cabinet on the inside like I did the ID4 alien head to help with breakage in the normal spots as well as shaved the cabinet door handles done a little so they will not break. I think we will have a winner for sure. I will make the mold tomorrow and a test cast this weekend. After that it really need to post cure for 7 days to get to the full strength. With any luck the beginning of the year these should be ready to start shipping
Here is a quick pic of my mock up next to an original cabinet.

Rob Zombie Pinball game play video!!!!

Rob Zombie Pinball backglass/s

Here is the LE backglass (dragula) and the standard backglass (auto's not included)

Rob Zombie Pinball video test mode (no sound)

Rob Zombie Pinball Toys and PF pics from Spooky's website

Rob Zombie Pinball is here!!!!

Here is a look at the Rob Zombie Spook Show International Pinball by Spooky Pinball. We got to design and make the toys for this game and are super proud of the results. Hope everyone likes it.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ripley's Temple Mods

Just finished up making the Ripley's Temple mods. This mod is for both temples and replaces the current plastic and vac form one. Also comes with a laser cut panel for the display in the upper temple. Now available

on our site.

Attack from Mars Spaceship Paint Job.

Shrek Speaker Panle Mod!!!!

Now on the site for sale.

Tron Speaker Panel Mod

Just finished up a Tron Speaker panel mod that is now up on our website.

Pirate's Dead Mans Chest paint jobs.

We are now offering custom painted POTC dead man's chest paint jobs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Walking Dead Well Walker Paint Job

Are final mod that we have made for The Walking Dead is custom painted Well Walker. We don't have any that are pre painted so you the customer would need to mail us your well walker for the paint job. Each one is hand painted, please take a look at the video below to see better images of the paint job.

Bloody Railroad Crossing Sign

Next mod for Walking Dead is a Bloody Railroad Crossing Sign. Sign mounts to the top of the wire gate just above the Train Track Mod.

The Walking Dead Train Track Mod

We have been very busy working on lots of new mods. This week we bring The Walking Dead Mods to our site. The first mod we have made is a Train Track mod for the right ramp. Secures to the top of the ramp using existing screws in a matter of seconds. Tracks are aprox. 24in long and bend and curve with the shape of the ramp. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

We are back and making a lot of new mods for 2015

Hi Everyone, it has been a while since are last mod release. We have been busy working on The Hobbit and Experts of Dangerous. Both games are going great and I hope everyone is planning on getting one. We have been working on a lot of mods in the background and are now going to start releasing them slowly. We are releasing 3 of them today and a few more next week sometime.

AC/DC Train Tracks

First mods is a Train Track that is 21in long and is molded to the shape of the ramp. By this we mean it follows the curves of the ramp up and down. Also the tracks feature a broken end at the top to match the existing track under the train. The bottom end curves with the ramp into the in-lane. These tracks match the style and shape of the ones under the train, same size width and over all shape. This way it looks exactly like the tracks continue from the train. Tracks mount using the existing holes from the 2 stand off post that mount the ramp on the left. Simply unscrew the screw, lay tracks down and reinstall the screws through the mounting tabs on the tracks. Tracks sit on top of the ramp allowing the ball to roll under the tracks freely.

Highway 666 Sign

We have made a sign for each ramp. The left ramp sign is Highway 666. Sign is made from multilayer acrylic and has a mounting bracket on the back. Simply peel off the mounting tape and stick it to the top of the gate.

Railroad Crossing Sign

We have made a sign for each ramp. The right ramp sign is a railroad crossing sign. Sign is made from multilayer acrylic and has a mounting bracket on the back. Simply peel off the mounting tape and stick it to the top of the gate. Goes great with the train and tracks on the left ramp.

Package Deal

We have been getting lots of request for package deals in the past so we are going to start offering them. This package includes the Train Track, railroad Crossing sign and the Highway 666 sign.