Sunday, June 30, 2013

Attack of the Borg Ships!!!!

Lots of Borg ships just finished painting. Anyone else needs there Borg ship repainted for there game LMK.

Buzz Lightyear Hyper ball one step closer!

Been working on this project far far to long but just about done. The original playfield top is warped to hell and has Hyperball written on it and is red in color. Seeing as this is a Buzz Lightyear game we needed to change that, so we went with a blue, hand cut and drilled every single hole, added all the 45 degree to each hole and counters-sunk the others. Next up is to stencil out alien and rockets all over it replacing the lightning bolts and the Hyperball logo. Then paint the new base color over stencils, remove stencils and install it. Getting there......

Custom Cut and powder coated aprons

Had a few request recently to make some custom aprons for williams games. One was for a White Water and the other was a Revenge from Mars. Also had one customer contact me to make a Stern apron for his Tron, just before Stern started to offer them already cut. Oh well steady hand and a dremel gets the job done.

Some powder and some paint.

Been a while since I did an update and have lots to add. First up, did some powder coating and then airbrushed in NBA and an 8-ball design, then auto cleared the parts. Simple clean design that added just a little something more then just powder coating.