Thursday, January 30, 2014

AC/DC Cannon Mod, non LED.

We have been making the AC/DC cannons for Pinball Refinery for a while now and have been getting request to sell a version with no LED in it. With that in mind I have come to an agreement with Steve at Pinball Refinery to offer both styles. I will have the none LED version on my website and Steve will offer the LED silver version on his site. Both are the same cannons just 2 different paint jobs and one has LED and one does not. Same mounting and same cover plate with each.

Tee'd Off Volcano Mod!!!

We have just finished the Volcano mod for Tee'd Off. This volcano replaces the vac form one that is currently on the game. It mounts with 2 screws into the wood rails just like the original only this volcano is made out of solid resin. That's right no more cracked volcano :) We had done a similar sculpt to the original one to keep the part looking close to stock but made it thicker and added a little more style to it. We have also given it a different paint job keeping it similar to the original but adding more detail to it. Hope everyone like the new replacement as we had several request to make new one do to the vac one always being cracked and no replacements to be found.