Thursday, November 24, 2016

We have Signed on with Williams!!!

We are very excited to announce that we have Official signed on with Rick of Planetary Pinball Supply for making Williams parts, toys and licensed mods. What does this mean, lots of things. We have a list of mods that we have always wanted to make for Williams games and with signing on to the license we now can. Also this means that if there are Williams toys that no longer exists we can make them. Lots of good things to come from this in the very near future. We will be sure to update everyone as we start making.

X-Files Cabinets are done!!!!!

Well the time is finally here. X-Files cabinets are now on our website! Our cabinet comes with the metal door plate and the new door already mounted to it. Also comes with all the screws for installing it. Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us while we worked on remaking the part.

Ghostbusters Coin Door Slime Mod

We are pleased to bring you a few more Ghostbusters Mods. We have made a dripping Slime Mod for the coin door. This mod comes in 4 different versions, Green or Pink and normal drip slime and long drip slime. This mod works with all versions of Ghostbusters. These attach to your metal coin door using double stick tape or magnet strip, the choice is up to you

Hobbit Smaug Gold Paint Job

We made several paint jobs for Smaug during the development of it and one of the colors that I get asked to do the most for customers as a mod is the solid Gold version. With that in mind we are offering the smaug gold paint job on our site. This is for a "paint job" and not for a new Smaug. You will need to mail us your personal Smaug to be painted.

Ghostbusters Green Powder Coating

Did you get one of Stern's Ghostbuster Slimer LE Games? Wish you could have the coin door and shooter housing match? Well now you can, we where able to match the exact same green that the game came stock with.

Family Guy Topper is Back!!!!!

We have added our Stewies Pinball Topper back on our website. We remade the mold and our now able to offer them to you again

Tales From The Crypt Shooter Housing Cover

We have added our solid version of the Tales from the Crypt Shooter Housing Cover to the website. We have gotten a lot of request to make this part and make it so that it will last. The original one had post the would crack and brake. Our version is solid and comes with mounting screws. Mounts using the same holes as the original.

More Powder Coat Added

We have updated our site to include a few more powder coating options. While we have been doing these colors for a long time we get asked often what it looks like on that exact game and do we offer the color if there game is not listed on the website. The answer is yes, we can do any color on any game. We have added the super popular Metallica Purple and the custom 3 color Ripley's Powder. Soon we will add a section on the site that will basically be a collection of machines and a wider range of examples of colors on them.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hobbit Flipper Topper Mod

Our first Hobbit Pinball mod. We are pleased to bring you our Gold Pile Flipper toppers. They are sold in sets of 3 for the Hobbit. We will be adding them to other games as they work with and game theme that gold piles would go with, such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ghostbusters Mod

We have made a Yellow Goodness mod for the game. This mod works with all versions of Ghostbusters. But we only had access to a LE model and a Premium. I have pictures coming from a friend who has a Pro showing it mounted in that model. They are attached with Double Stick tape on the bottom so they can be placed in may places on the playfield. We like the look of it on the ramp by the plastic that has the picture of the Twinkie.

Ghostbusters Slime Speaker Panel Mod

We are pleased to bring you a few more Ghostbusters Mods. We have made a dripping Slime Mod. This mod comes in 4 different versions, Green or Pink and 1 piece or 2 piece. This mod works with all versions of Ghostbusters. We made the 2 piece mod for the LE customers that don't want the game number badge covered up, but it works on all versions as well. You can also put the 1 piece version on an LE game. These attach to your metal speaker panels using Double stick tape or magnet strip, the choice is up to you.

Hobbit Topper by Laseriffic

Our good buddy Joe at Laseriffic has made an amazing topper for The Hobbit Pinball.

Fully licensed Hi Resolution artwork through Jersey Jack Pinball and Warner Bros. The topper is modeled after the 5 army's, it has multiple color changing lights with remote so you can pick the best color combination.

We do not carry this topper on our website but you can buy it from Laseriffic by using the link below. Also be sure to get a set of the plastic protector while your on his site.

Spiderman Graffiti Trains

We have updated the looks of our Spiderman trains. You now have 3 versions to choose from. The standard Silver train, Silver train with graffiti and a red train with graffiti.

CSI Speaker Panel/ Spiderman Web Lace Speaker Panel

Just added 2 new Speaker Panels to the site: CSI Crime Scene Speaker Panel and the Spiderman Web Lace Speaker Panel.