Monday, July 9, 2012

Iron Man custom Apron

I am almost done with this custom Ironman apron for a customer.
Now to sandblast and powder coat it candy red. Then install the bracket and test the lights. Can't wait to finish this up.....might make more and make this a stock Back Alley Mod :)

Custom one off Batman topper

Just finished up a custom one off Batman topper. The Batman logo is out of 1/8 steel and painted matte black. The letters for Why so Serious are laser cut out of 1/4in acrylic. The Ha Ha letters are laser cut out of 1/8in red acrylic giving it a nice 3D effect. The cards are printed on heavy stock paper and glues to a piece out acrylic and Velcro to the back of the topper. The customer had asked for the cards to be removable and Velcro them to the back was the simplest and most cost effective way of doing it. All in all the topper came out great.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Canadian Pinball Championships 2012 Trophy's

Just finished making the Trophy's for Canadian Pinball Championships 2012. The 6 plates will be mounted to wood plaques when they arrive in Canada. Won't be able to make the show but, wish everyone the best of luck. Thanks Mike for the order!!